Turf Warrior is where friendships are tested... 


Will they leave you in the mud or will they dig deep and bring you with them?

Will they haul you over the Great Wall of Connemara by your buttocks or leave you to dangle for all eternity?


Get your group together, register together, start together and finish together.



Work groups, sports teams, extended families, best friends, anyone who you can muster together and who is up for some serious craic.

Accountants by day? Warriors by weekend!


The perks

Group discounts are available so if you have 10 or more in your team - our online registration system will calculate your discount for you.



We have made it much easier for you with our group entry and payment system online - one entry and one payment. If you would all rather look after your own entries and payments that is no problem, just contact us and we will organise your discount.


The After Party

Bar, food, DJ, fancy dress costumes, your fellow warriors! Need we say more!