Obstacle Adventure Course and Mud Run, Galway, Ireland - What to Expect
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An epic obstacle challenge beside the beautiful Killary Fjord, Co Galway and surrounded by Connemara’s majestic mountains...


Get ready for a mayhem-filled 8km of swinging, jumping and climbing your way through forests, bogs and rivers all the way into Killary Fjord, through extreme mud-filled obstacles, created by nature and by us. Take on the challenge of Ireland's best adventure obstacle race.

You'll need to be aware of the HSE mud running guidance. Please read this advice carefully.


No special forces training needed
You won’t need any special skills, but you will need some upper body strength for some elements of the course. And you must be comfortable in waist-deep water and bog!

No pain, no gain
You will be climbing through, under and over trees, climbing ropes, jumping off obstacles and much more, so you may receive a few cuts, bruises and grazes. But we know you are up to the challenge!

Get down & dirty
Be warned, you & your clothing, will get extremely wet and dirty. So don’t wear your Sunday best!

Deep water not your thing?
We know that not all warriors are swimmers, so obstacles have a non-swim option. However, you will need to feel comfortable wading in water/bog to take part.

Keep your friends close & your enemies closer
Help your friends & fellow competitors through the obstacles, or just watch them struggle while you move on. It's up to you. But the ethos of Turf Warrior is to finish, have fun and leave no one behind!

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