Obstacle Course & Mud Run, Galway, Ireland - Course Map
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Course Map

We won't give away all of our secrets, but our interactive course map will give you an idea of what to expect.

Our Turf Warrior route varies from year to year. Just to keep you on your toes! 

Up Slide

Up Slide

Trench War

Into the trenches, keep your buddies close!

Leap of Faith (Jetty Jump)

No physical challenge could be complete without a cliff jump into the deep Atlantic waters (all that jumping into the river was just a practice for the real thing). It will also help to remove some of the bog from various body parts!

Bog Toss

Just when you thought your body could take no more we push you that little bit further. Can you keep your arm steady enough and toss the turf through the hole without hitting your fellow competitors or indeed yourself?

Race Start

A dash through the finest Connemara boggy landscape to get the heart pumping and the mind focused for what is ahead. Slipping and sliding is definitely on the menu here!

Fishy Bush

Fishy Bush

Lilly Leap

Do NOT fall off the lilly pads... who knows what lies beneath??

Trampolines, burning straw, trenches, can you make it across?
Cascading Gorge

For those who are old enough to remember the Timotei advert! Tumbling water falls, scrambling across the rocks and plunging into pools as you make your way through the natural gorge. Refreshing in May, not so much in November!

Finish line

You've made it!! Cross the finish line and stand proud with your fellow warriors, change into warm clean clothes and make your way upstairs into the Killary Adventure Centre. There is hot food, hot whiskey and your well earned Warrior T-Shirt waiting for you.

Everest, Annapurna, K2 (Walls)

Climb over using the grips provided while your fellow competitors shove you up from below and haul you up from above. This is definitely better with team work and particulary difficult to do in an elegant manner, ladies.

Pasta Masta
Squeeze up and over...
Turf Stack

Grab 3 pieces of turf from the turf stack and take them with you on the final run to the finish line – a chance to become one with the turf as you stumble across the bog hugging them to you like precious stones (and they are so precious!).


Well what can we say? As with the Turfinator we are particularly proud of our Entrails. Up to now you may have been delicately hopping between puddles and gingerly wiping the mud from your clothes but not any longer. Get in there, get under and whatever you do, do not swallow!

Martin's Blue Barrels
The Black Forest

Who knows what may be lurking within.......

The Great Wall of Connemara

This is kind of like skateboarding without the skateboard - instead you must sprint up the wall in your muddy, slippy shoes and try to reach the top. You really are dependent on your fellow warriors for this one! So before you plant your face into the wall grab a helping hand or 3 and fling yourself over the Great Wall of Connemara.

Skid Mark

 A really unique use of tyres that will see you inserting your body through the racks of tyres and hopefully emerging in the same shape that you went in!


The ultimate in mud. How did we create such a thing? With love and care, madness and mayhem and a little help form the Connemara terrain and weather. Slog through the viscous mud and whatever you do, leave no one behind!

Electric Bog
Electrified obstacle at Turf Warrior...!
Twinkle Toes Alley

You need to be quick and nimble otherwise we will twinkle your toes with our special magic bullets and you might find your shoes turning red... or green or purple!

Rude Tubes

Rude is how you might describe the man who built these tubes – how could he be so rude, mean and devious – and who was so rude to leave all that yucky mud at the end of them?? Don't worry you will emerge quite quickly as you slide legs first into a pond of mud.

Slime Vines

Tarzan-style swinging through the (Connemara) jungle with panache and style and of course without planting your face in the mud when you let go. Easy peasy!

Tunnels of Love 2.0

Venture up the tunnels of love as you crawl, shuffle and squeeze your way through. Whatever you do, don’t slip back down!

It’s a Knockout

Mayhem and madness as you try to keep out of the drink. For those of you old enough to remember you may be at an advantage - this is It's a Knockout Connemara-style!

Balance Beams
Mud is like fairy liquid on our beams so don't fall off!!
Midge Nets

Combat training – chest to the ground, face to the mud and off you go under the nets without getting entangled or being spotted and shot by the enemy (well, maybe that last bit was slightly untrue but you get the picture).

Elvis Dangles

Watch your pelvis detach itself from your control Elvis-style as you wobble your way across our rope course. If only those annoying other competitors would get off the ropes you would be so much more controlled.

Heart Break Hill

Named for how it makes you feel as you scramble and climb your way up and over. But every worthwhile relationship needs a little heartbreak don't you think??

Can you get over the sky high nets?
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