Wetsuit is highly recommended for the event.


You can choose to hire a wetsuit from us when you register online. The cost for hire is €15.00 per wetsuit for the event. Availability is limited so get in early!



If we cannot convince you that wetsuits are best then we recommend that you wear the following

  • Running leggings
  • Thermal top
  • Runners
  • Goggles
  • Gloves



Some handy hints for Warriors:

  • Try not to wear anything that is cotton.
  • We recommend taping on your shoes with electrical tape.
  • All clothing you wear will get very dirty, wet and potentially ripped so do not wear designer gear!
  • We highly recommend you wear full body cover, NEVER just shorts and t-shirts.
  • Be aware that you will be climbing over rough surfaces and through brambles and much more and you will probably receive cuts, bruises and grazes.