Welcome to the Turf Warrior Challenge! Get ready for a fun 10km of swinging, jumping and climbing your way through forests, bogs and rivers all the way to Killary Fjord!




  • Please be warned that your clothing will get extremely wet and dirty!
  • You do not need any special skills for the course but will need some upper body strength for some elements of the course, and must be comfortable in waist deep water.
  • You can either help fellow competitors complete the obstacle or just watch them struggle!
  • Also you will be climbing through, under and over trees, climbing ropes, jumping off obstacles and much more so you may receive cuts, bruises and grazes.
  • We know all Warriors aren't swimmers so we have a non-swim option at any of these obstacles. You do need to feel comfortable wading in water/bog for the event.
  • The course will be open until 3.30pm.
  • Our course has been built & designed by Endurance Ropes Courses who have over 20 years experience.



The map below is from 2016 but it gives you an idea of what to expect!